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Our private beach is only a few minutes away, in the evocative Bay of Fontanella, only 80 metres from the Hotel. Guests can reach it very easily by going down on our panoramic lift, or, if they prefer, on foot or even by sea.

You can be sure of comfort and privacy at the beach, which is well equipped with sun umbrellas, sun beds and beach towels, all of which is free for guests at the hotel.

Bar service during the day.
Beyond the wooden decking at the sides of the beach club, the water is two metres deep. It is safe to dive from the decking; alternatively, you can use the steps to get into the sea. The water beyond the central part of the beach club (the sandy part) is much shallower. For around ten metres from the shore, the water comes up to waist level. As on the other parts of the beach, the sea bed is sandy here; there are no rocks or stones. It is completely safe for children, and this is the best area for them.

The beach of Naregno, in some areas free and in others run by bathing establishments, is only 500 metres from our hotel, and is easy to get to.