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Wellness Center

A holiday within a holiday.

That's the promise that the Grand Hotel Elba International Health Centre makes to guests who devote a little time to taking care of themselves and their bodies.

Health and relaxation are cultivated in a homely environment, amidst the warm tones of orange and yellow, the colours of life and vital energy. Ancient Ayurvedic rituals, the heat from the essential oils and herbal medications help to purify the mind and recover inner equilibrium, psychological and physical.

relaxation courses

Expert, able hands guide the guests on an Odyssey of regeneration, based on treatments that draw on Oriental traditions, such as relaxing massages, saunas and Turkish baths, in addition to the precious benefits that come from programmes specifically aimed at beauty.

Last but not least, a date with herbal tea, to be sipped in total relaxation, cocooned in an atmosphere of sweetness and serenity.

An alluring, private oasis of wellbeing, where guests can rediscover their inner nature.