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Marina di Campo

Campo nell'Elba is only the name of the borough created in 1894 after the separation from Marciana of which it still has the coat of arms in the communal symbol.None of the villages are actually called by this name. Among some of the best known as tourist resorts are Marina di Campo, Fetovaia, Seccheto and Cavoli. The hillside villages of San Piero and S. Ilario are picturesque and certainly worth a visit.On this part of the island the vegetation is short and sparse due to lack of rain and the south facing position open to the libeccio wind and salty atmosphere. The landscape is much different on the northern side of the same mountain, covered in green chestnut woods that are hundreds of years old. On the other hand the climate of this area is favourable for the cultivation of vines.

The name itself indicates the presence of a large plain extending to the Gulf of Campo and a beautiful beach. It was this conformation that encouraged pirates to land here.
Here there are numerous places of great interest, for instance the Torre (Tower) of Marina di Campo built in the time of the Medici and the church of S. Nicolò at S. Piero which is thought to have been built in the Roman era on the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Glauco.
The striking church of S. Giovanni at S. Ilario is probably the most vast primitive temple of Christianit, erected on Elba.
Also interesting are the Torre di S. Giovanni, the church of S. Francesco and the Columns of Roman times at Seccheto. One mustn't forget the island of Pianosa, which, after the closing of the prison, can only be visited by organised trips.

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