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Booking Online


Guests will find a sumptuous buffet breakfast awaiting them in a bright, sunny dining room that has beautiful terraces looking out onto the bay. We are certain our wide choice of menus will satisfy everybody, and we are proud to say we also cater for those on a diet or those who suffer from allergies.

For guests, be they adults or children, who suffer from gluten intolerance (Coeliac Disease), we are more than happy to provide a harmonious base of products tailored to their needs, needless to say at no extra cost. However, we can not rule out contamination completely because we do not have a separate room to prepare the food

The Hotel chefs place much importance on the quality of all the products that they themselves choose; the same applies to the patisserie, and both are checked at all times.


There are two restaurants in the Hotel complex: "Le Agavi", that looks out over the Bay of Porto Azzurro, and "Il Pirata", where guests can enjoy their lunch right on the beach. Whichever they choose, our guests will feel like they are on a gastronomic tour of the delights not only of the Mediterranean classic cuisine, but also the traditional, local one from Tuscany. Each and every recipe is carefully prepared, and special attention is paid as regards which ingredients are better and more suitable with which flavours and aromas.

The "Nemo" restaurant is in the central block, and is open at lunch time for children under 12 from June 11th to September 2nd, the miniclub entertainment organisers have their lunch along with the children, while our kitchen staff are more than happy to prepare baby foods so that parents can make the most of their time with their children.


And what about the offer of our bar? During the day we serve coffee, soft drinks, ice cream and drinks as well as snacks, sandwiches and pizzas to overcome the languor at lunch, in our three strategic points: the "Grottino del Pirata" by the sea, the "Pool Bar" at the edge of the swimming pools and "Narciso" in the lobby.

The evening entertainment is a fascinating discovery. The "Narciso" is perfect for those who love to sip liqueurs in a relaxing atmosphere, while at the "Roof" guests can sit back and put themselves in the capable hands of bar staff whose speciality is making cocktails, in our opinion the perfect way to fully appreciate the breathtaking view of the Bay of Mola, illuminated by the lights of the boats anchored in the bay