The island offers its guestsspectacular views and a particularly intact natural context.

Venture out to discover this extraordinary universe, along paths of exceptional charm.

The Grand Hotel Elba International is located on the border of the Tuscan Archipelago National Parkin a protected area, both at sea and on land.


The island abounds in places of historical and archaeological interest, from old abandoned churches to grandiose remains of Roman villas, from Medici and Pisan fortresses to Napoleonic residences, from art galleries to modern art museums.

Enjoy a visit to the Juniper Mine in Capoliveri, easily accessible from the Grand Hotel Elba International, or attend the Magnetic Festival, an international music festival that takes place inside the mines.


The succession of various dominations has made the island rich in traditions that have their roots in Europe: village festivals, processions, maritime competitions mark the annual time and suggest every time new looks on the island.

With its strategic position, the Grand Hotel Elba International offers you the opportunity to attend events such as the Procession to the Madonna del Monserrato in Porto Azzurroor the Grape Festival in Capoliveri.

Food and Wine

Famous for itswines, among which the aleatico stands out, and for a cuisine oriented towards the sea, the island offers an abundant food and wine offer.
Located near the wine route that crosses the plain of Mola, the Grand Hotel Elba International is located in an area rich in crops, olive grovesand vineyards that contribute in giving it a particular Tuscan flavor.


From the Grand Hotel Elba International it is easy to reach Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro, with their narrow alleys that lead into charming squares, where you can find a great choice of shops and goods.

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